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Impacted by Wildfires? - Get $50 off your Airpura Air Purifier with the code 'WILDFIRE'
Get $50 off your Airpura Air Purifier with the code 'WILDFIRE'

Air Purifiers For Sale

Home Air Purifiers For Sale — Get the Clean Air You Deserve

Wellness Junction has the best air purifiers to fit your needs for clean air and to get rid of any pollutants inside your home. Whether it's a small, portable air purifier that is good for travel or smaller rooms to a unit that is used to cover 1,500 sq. ft. homes, you will find the perfect for you. 

Need protection from wildfire or tobacco smoke? 

Want to get rid of your asthma or allergy attacks?

Suffer from MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities) and need relief?

How about making sure your air is clear of airborne viruses and bacteria? 

Did you answer yes to any of those? If you did, we have what you need! With air quality a high concern for many as we spend more time indoors, air purifiers are made with HEPA Filters and Activated Carbon to eliminate chemicals, odors, and VOCs along with other pollutants that linger inside your home.

Feel the difference in the air you breathe with having an air purifier. Benefits that you get from clean air allow you to live a more fulfilling life. We want you to enjoy the journey with fresh, clean air in the most important place for your family...HOME!

Find the perfect Air Purifier for your needs below!

Air Purifiers for Smoke — Wildfires or Tobacco

You might ask yourself how effective are air purifiers for smoke and are they worth the money spent? Our answer is YES to both as they are effective at eliminating smoke smell and capturing chemical components from your indoor area to give you only clean air to breathe in. Whether it is smoke from wildfires or cigarettes, the HEPA filter and Activated Carbon team up to trap the chemicals and odors and then adsorb them into the carbon's porous surface thus eliminating them from the air around you. 

  • Air Purifiers for Allergies and Asthma

    We know how it feels when it's allergy season and you still suffer even though you take medicine to help relieve symptoms. But sometimes they don't work the best and you need something else. We can help alleviate those symptoms with a HEPA air purifier that can trap pollutants from your air and reduce triggers that could cause asthma and allergy attacks. These also emit zero ozone to also give you relief and won't trigger an asthma attack from any chemicals or gases. 

  • Air Purifiers for Mold

    The dreaded mold...We all hate to see it and when it appears, we worry about getting rid of it quickly and make sure the air we breathe clean. Whether it be an air purifier for mold spores in your air or mildew, the HEPA and Activated Carbon filters can remove spores from the air thus reducing the spread of them. They can also get rid of the odor that mold causes by trapping it and eliminating it from your air. These air purifiers are perfect for basements and other places that are not well ventilated in your home.  

  • Air Purifiers for Viruses and Bacteria

    Reduce airborne contaminants with an air purifier that can kill viruses and bacteria. During the times we are in with viruses such as Covid lingering around, clean air inside your home will help keep you healthy and your immune system stronger. The air purifiers with HEPA and Activated Carbon filtration help reduce the amount of virus and bacteria in your air thus decreasing your chance at getting sick. Options on some include a UV light that can help destroy any virus or bacteria that is trapped inside the air purifier.