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Finding The Best Air Purifier for Pets

We love our pets but if you find your day-to-day health becoming affected by airborne particles like pet dander, dust, and allergens, it can be overwhelming. Whether you’re trying to get rid of pet smells and odors, or suffer from cat allergies, an air purifier can be highly effective at helping you cleanse the air of these common irritants.

But choosing the best air purifier for pets and allergies is difficult. There are various filter types like HEPA and activated charcoal to consider and brands to research. It can be confusing, to say the least.

In our guide to the best home air purifier for pet allergies, we've divided each type of air purifier based on their effectiveness at cleansing different types of pet-related irritants. So whether you need an air purifier for pets and dust, cat allergies, or removing pet hair, we’ve got you covered.

Say goodbye to pet problems and hello to a fresher, cleaner home environment with our top picks below.

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Best Air Purifier For Pets: Our Top Picks

Best Air Purifier for Pet Hair

Air purifiers equipped with the right filters can go a long way in removing household pet allergens and dust from the air and preventing it from spreading in the future. To get the best results, you’ll want an air purifier that has both a HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter. The HEPA filter will catch physical particles in the air like dust that can land on the surfaces of your home, while the activated carbon filter will soak in the odors produced by your pets to stop the smell in its tracks.

Pro Tip: The more dense and higher the quality of the HEPA filter, the more dust and pet dander it can capture without needing to change out the filter. Keeping long-term maintenance costs low.

AllerAir AirMedic Pro 6 Plus Air Purifier:
Best Air Purifier for Dog Hair ($949.98)

  • Standard pre-filter
  • Super HEPA filter
  • 19 lbs. of activated carbon

The AllerAir AirMedic Pro 6 Plus Air Purifier is your first line of defense against dog hair as well as dust and allergens.

With a standard pre-filter to remove larger particles and a super HEPA filter to remove 99.99% of all airborne particles larger than 0.1 microns, it’s extremely effective at removing airborne dog hair from your home. The 19 pounds of activated carbon is designed to extract chemicals, gases, and pet odors so your air is the cleanest it’s ever been.

  • Austin Air HealthMate Air Purifier:
    Best Air Purifier for Cat Hair ($714.99)

    • Two pre-filters
    • Medical grade HEPA filter
    • 15 lbs. of activated carbon and zeolite

    The Austin Air HealthMate Air Purifier is designed with medium and large pre-filters to capture pet hair and dander as well as mold spores and pollen, all common allergens.

    Thanks to a medical-grade HEPA filter, up to 99% of all airborne particles larger than 0.1 microns are removed from the air.

    The 15 pounds of activated carbon and zeolite trap harmful chemicals and gases, as well as unpleasant odors, quickly and efficiently.

    Best Air Purifier for Pet Odor

    Having the right air purifier can be a big help in removing pet smells and odors. An air purifier with a quality HEPA filter can trap odor-causing irritants like pet dander, allergens, and dust, while also carrying an activated carbon filter to soak in the odors to remove the smell.

    An air purifier specially designed for this purpose will keep your home smelling clean and fresh at all times. Do you need an air purifier for dog smell? Or perhaps you need an air purifier for cat litter smell. This product may be your best bet to keep those unpleasant odors at bay. 

    Pro Tip: The more dense the activated carbon filter, the more pet smells it can soak up without needing to constantly change out expensive filters. Saving you money in the long run.

    Airpura V700 Air Purifier ($999.98)

    • Polyester pre-filter
    • HEPA-Barrier filter
    • 18 lbs. of activated carbon

    The Airpura V700 Air Purifier is the perfect solution to all your pet odor problems and so much more. A cleanable pre-filter, a carbon filter, and a HEPA filter all provide filtration. This ensures that odor-causing particles are captured and trapped before they can make your home smell bad. 

    While the pre-filter removes the larger contaminant particles, the carbon filter absorbs airborne chemicals, and the standard HEPA filter removes up to 99.97% of microscopic airborne particles. Upgrade to the Super HEPA filter for 99.99% removal of airborne particles. 

    Best Air Purifier for Pet Allergies

    Dealing with pet allergies can feel like a battle you can't win. Those tiny dander particles, released by our furry and feathered friends, are invisible troublemakers. Whether it's a cat, dog, rodent, or bird, they all shed these microscopic flakes of skin. This dander, floating unseen in the air, is a major culprit behind pet allergies.

    But don't let this discourage you from enjoying the company of your beloved pets.

    The solution? An air purifier for pet dander specifically designed to eliminate these culprits of allergies caused by pets - and other air pollutants. 

    Equipped with a top-notch HEPA filter, it's your best defense, capturing both dander and hair before they take over your living space. And let's not forget the magic of a built-in carbon filter, adept at eliminating those persistent pet odors.

    Pro Tip: When looking for an air purifier for pet hair the size and thickness of the HEPA filter are very important. The more you have of each, the less you have to change the filters over time. Saving you on future maintenance costs.

    Austin Air HealthMate Plus Air Purifier ($854.99)

    • Two pre-filters
    • Medical grade HEPA filter
    • 15 lbs of Activated Carbon with Zeolite and Potassium Iodide

    The Austin Air HealthMate Plus Air Purifier is the ideal solution for sufferers of allergies—pets or otherwise. It’s particularly helpful in the homes of asthma patients. 

    Four levels of filtration—two pre-filters, 15 pounds of activated carbon with zeolite and potassium iodide, and a medical-grade HEPA filter—ensure thorough removal of common allergens. This air purifier also targets bacterial and viral contaminants, inert gases, and hazardous chemicals.

    Best Air Purifier for Pets Overall

    Leading air purifier manufacturers offer solutions for homes grappling with pet hair, odors, and allergens. The key question is: which air purifier is the best for you?

    Whether your priority is collecting dog or cat hair, or you need a comprehensive solution for pet allergies, dust, and dander, the right air purifier is out there.

    It’s not just about being a pet owner; it’s about finding a versatile air purifier that fits all aspects of your lifestyle.

    Check out our top 4 suggestions of the best air purifier for pets wrapped up below.

    Pro Tip: For optimal results, choose a purifier with both HEPA and activated charcoal filters. HEPA filters excel at trapping pet dander and hair, while activated charcoal effectively neutralizes odors.

    Airpura R600 All-Purpose Air Purifier (749.98)

    • Pre-Filter: Captures larger particles like pet hair and dander, extending the lifespan of other filters. Requires vacuuming for maintenance and typically needs replacement annually.
    • HEPA Filter: Efficiently traps fine particles as small as 0.3 microns, including dust and pollen, with a lifespan of 3 to 5 years.
    • Activated Carbon Filter: Absorbs odors and harmful chemicals, weighing 18 pounds for enhanced effectiveness, and lasts up to 2 years.
  • Austin Air HealthMate Air Purifier (714.99)

    • Two pre-filters - large and medium filters to capture airborne cat allergens as well as pet dander, mold spores and pollen
    • Medical grade HEPA filter - 60 sq. ft. of HEPA removes 99% of all airborne particles larger than 0.1 microns such as dust from cats
    • Carbon filter (15 lbs) - The 15 pounds of carbon and zeolite help remove viruses, bacteria, chemicals and gases from the air that may be adding to your cat allergies
  • Airpura V700 Air Purifier (999.98)

    • Polyester pre-filter - captures up to 95% of airborne particles up to 5 microns or larger such as cat allergens, pet hair, and pollen
    • HEPA-Barrier filter - captures 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns such as dust from cats
    • 18 lbs. of activated carbon - specially designed to absorb smells from cats and their litterboxes as well as harmful chemicals, VOCs, and fragrances that may affect your health
  • AllerAir AirMedic Pro 6 Plus Air Purifier (799.98)

    • Standard pre-filter - designed to remove large particles like pet dander, dust, and allergens to cleanse the air
    • Super HEPA filter - removes 99.99% of all airborne particles larger than 0.1 microns such as dust from pets
    • 19 lbs. of activated carbon - one of the largest activated carbon filters available to capture odors from cats as well as chemicals and VOCs

    Learn More About Choosing An Air Purifier For Pets

    Other Considerations

    There are some other considerations when using an air purifier in the home, and the most important one is probably where to place it. 


    This can have consequences for the performance and longevity of your machine, as well as the safety of your pets and young children. The placement of your air purifier will also make a huge difference in how effective it is in treating pet odors and removing pet allergens from the air.

    Where is the best place to put an air purifier in your home?

    Here are some tips for the optimal placement of an air purifier for pet-related issues:

    • Place it near the source of the pet odors, like a cat litter tray or your dog’s basket.

    • Position it in an open space with adequate airflow. Don’t place it behind furniture, against walls, or inside cabinets. Place it between three and five feet off the ground to optimize air circulation.

    • Do you also have seasonal allergies triggered by pollen from plants? Based on our observations, pollen, grass, and seasonal changes are some of the main causes of allergies in urban populations. Place your air purifier near an open window or in a doorway so it can draw air in more easily.

    Small Rooms vs. Larger Spaces

    If you have a large room, it makes sense to have a large air purifier or more than one small one. 

    But in smaller rooms, a larger air purifier can do the trick, too. In a home with pets, it’ll cope well with the heavy doses of contaminants. Another benefit is that a large air purifier in a small room where the door is generally left open will help to clear the air in the surrounding rooms, too.


    The filters are the hardest-working elements of air purifiers. It removes dust, hair, dander, and odors from your interior spaces. But after some time, these filters can become clogged with these impurities, thereby reducing their efficiency.

    To counteract this problem, it’s important to do some maintenance. 

    How often do most air purifier filters need to be replaced?

    On average, most HEPA filters, particularly ones made by Austin Air and Airpura, only need to be replaced every 3-5 years. This will give you more bang for your buck, so you and your pets can enjoy years of clean air in your home. 

    Air purifier filters will last longer with proper care and cleaning. We recommend that you first unplug and switch off your purifier before emptying filter dust and dirt into a trash can. After that, use a vacuum to clean the insides of your filter - we don’t recommend using soap or water as they could damage your purifier. 

    Always make sure you read the instruction manual carefully to get the best use out of your air purifier and filters. 

    What Is An Air Purifier?

    If you’re still new to the world of air purifiers, you may have a lot of questions about whether and how they work. So, before we go into the specifics of air purifiers for pets, let’s cover the basics. 

    An air purifier isn’t a trendy gimmick. It’s a serious addition to your home that will improve indoor air quality by filtering out potentially harmful contaminants and common allergens. An air purifier usually does so by drawing in the surrounding air with a fan and then passing it through a filter.

    Our research indicates that an air purifier can help manage conditions like asthma. This is due to its success at filtering pet dander and mold particles from the air, which are major triggers for sensitive asthma sufferers.

    How Does An Air Purifier Filter Work? 

    Air purifier filters reduce exposure to allergens, even those that are undetectable to the naked eye, making life with allergies far easier. There are several different types of air purifiers, and they use different types of filters.

    Some work through the use of ozone, negative ions, or activated charcoal to remove chemicals and odors from the surrounding air. Others use ultraviolet light to kill bacteria and viruses or High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters to clean the air.

    The best air purifiers for the home can filter out not only microscopic bacteria and mold but also plant pollen, pet dander and hair, and other allergy triggers. For maximum efficiency and optimal benefits, they do this through a combination of different types of filters.

    What to Look for in an Air Purifier

    Ready to rush out and purchase an air purifier for your pet allergies? Not so fast! Regardless of the type you choose or your reason for choosing it, there are some features you should be on the lookout for.


    Homes with pets are sometimes a flurry of activity, and this is where the strength of your air purifier machine will be put to the test.

    Solid construction and reliable materials are essential for an air purifier that will keep operating smoothly. It needs to be strong enough to withstand a couple of knocks and bumps, like the sturdy models we have on offer.


    An air purifier with multiple levels of filtration is far better equipped to tackle multiple air quality issues than one with a single filter. Always choose air purifiers with multiple filtration levels for optimal performance.

    Eventually, filters will have to be replaced, regardless of the type of machine. However, this is an added consideration and expense that you need to take into account when selecting your air purifier. 

    Choose a machine with filters that are long-lasting and where replacement filters can easily be obtained from the manufacturer. 

    Do Air Purifiers for Pets Really Work?

    When considering an air purifier for the home, pet owners are often concerned about two things. Namely, they’re concerned about the effect it may have on their animals and its efficacy in treating common problems like pet allergens, hair, dust, and odors. 

    So, do air purifiers help with cat allergies? They surely do. Cat allergies are pretty common. Pet allergies affect 10% of Americans, and cats account for the majority of these cases. In fact, cat allergies are twice as common as allergies to dogs. 

    How about pet hair or dander? Do air purifiers help with dog hair? And will an air purifier help with pet dander from other types of animals? You bet they do! Air purifiers can remove pet hair and dander from the air in your home.

    Let’s not forget about our wonderful avian friends. Are air purifiers safe for birds? Yes, they’re safe for all pets (including birds), making the air healthier for you and your animals to breathe. 

    An air purifier guinea pigs can use is always a good idea, too, because they’re prone to respiratory difficulties. Keeping the air free from contaminants with an air purifier will help these adorable furballs breathe easier.

    Air purifiers can make a major difference in your quality of life, but not all air purifiers are created equal. Some are better suited to homes with pets than others. This is why, at Wellness Junction, we only sell high-quality air purifiers from reputable brands. 


    When looking for the best air purifier for pets, you need a product that makes the environment more pleasant for everyone in the home. Because at Wellness Junction, your family’s well-being is our top priority, and your pets are a part of the family. 

    Our air purifiers for pets don’t just reduce pet allergens; they keep your pets in excellent health, too. We have the experience and expertise you can count on to provide air purifiers that are safe for both you and your pets. 

    Get your air purifier today and start reaping the benefits of clean, fresh air throughout your home.