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Smoking Cessation Market Expected To Grow Remarkably Over the Next Decade

Despite the large number of individuals internationally who remain smokers — some 156 million people in the world's seven major pharmaceutical markets — smoking cessation is on the rise.

The growth of the smoking cessation therapies market, which is expected to more than triple over the next 10 years, is driven by the recent surge in public awareness of the dangers of smoking, legislation banning smoking in many public areas, and the development of pharmacotherapies for treatment of nicotine addiction, according to "Smoking Cessation," a new report from Decision Resources Inc.

The current smoking cessation market is valued at $450 million. It is dominated by nicotine replacement in multiple delivery forms: transdermal patch, gum, nasal spray and, the newest formulation, inhaler. However, the researchers said, clinicians are calling for new drugs that are more effective than simple nicotine replacement.

Future pharmacological treatment for smoking cessation will be characterized by increased use of combination therapies, the growing popularity of Glaxo Wellcome's recently approved Zyban, long-term use of nicotine-replacement drugs and the introduction of novel agents, Decision Resources said.

In addition, sales of smoking cessation therapies will help propel the market to nearly $1.5 billion by 2007, the organization said.

Decision Resources' research included a look at the epidemiology, medical practice, unmet needs and current and emerging treatments for nicotine addiction, as well as marketing arrangements and smoking cessation products sold in each of the seven markets — the United States, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom and Japan.

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