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VibePlate XL

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Dimensions: 30x72

Amplitude: 2 mm

Frequency: 10-60 Hz

Warranty: Lifetime for Home Users and 5 years on the motor and controller for Commercial Users

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Perform Your Full Exercise Routine on the VIbePlate XL

Looking to keep your body looking and feeling young? The VibePlate XL, the innovative whole-body vibration product, can help combat many of the negative effects of aging, including a loss of bone density and muscle mass. Plus, the VibePlate XL is perfect for improving flexibility and range of motion – meaning you can stay active and enjoy life well into your golden years.

Get maximum results with shorter workout sessions

Looking to tone your body and improve your health? The VibePlate XL is the solution for you! It provides a vibration that engages all of your muscles at once, so you can achieve better results in less time. With the VibePlate XL, you'll be able to tone your body more efficiently than ever before!

VibePlate can benefit the elderly

Whole-body vibration is an incredibly efficient workout for everyone. The VibePlate XL can tone your body and work on muscles you've never engaged before, whether it be to get ripped or just stay healthy active! So what are waiting for?

Improve overall health

With the help of the VibePlate XL, you can improve your overall health and get back to feeling rejuvenated. The benefits include increased blood flow, flexibility & muscle strength along with other positive effects that will make a difference in physical fitness levels for life!

Don't wait any longer - order your VibePlate XL today!

VibePlate XL Key Features

  • Vibration Movement is Vertical: The VibePlate XL has a vibration motion that is vertical.  This is the natural movement when we walk or run. 
  • Only 1 Motor: With only one motor, the VibePlate XL will always be synchronized. Whereas some of the competition has dual motors and could potentially not be in balance.
  • Variable Speed Options: Speeds range from 10 to 60 hertz.  Find what works for you to start and have the ability to amp up the hertz! Options for different exercises are key.
  • Great Warranty: One of the best warranties on the market with a Lifetime warranty for home users and 5 years on the motor and controller for commercial users. It is also made in the USA!

VibePlate XL Tech Specs

  • Material: Aluminum — Lightweight and easy to carry around. 
  • Dimensions: 30 x 72 — Large enough size for one person to perform their daily workouts on. 
  • Product Weight: 120 lbs — Heavy but two people could move it if need be. 
  • Weight Capacity: 2400 lbs — Huge weight capacity that could allow two people on the VibePlate XL!
  • Amplitude: 2mm — Measure of how high the platform moves above its horizontal resting place.
  • Frequency: 10-60 Hz — Gives you a wide range to find your best frequency at to workout with.
  • Vibration Form: Vertical — The platform moves straight up and down and is excellent for accelerated fitness training along with building and toning muscle.
  • Warranty: Lifetime for Home Users and 5 years on the motor and controller for Commercial Users
  • Made in the USA

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Invaluable tool!

At Synergy Chiropractic, we use the latest in Vibration Technology to help you achieve maximum results. The VibePlate is an invaluable tool for low impact muscle strengthening, preventing injuries and speeding up the rehabilitation process. Many patients have reported increased strength and flexibility, less pain, and a stronger core. Whether you are needing sports rehabilitation, strength training, or just want an overall feeling of youth and energy, Dr. Seale and Synergy Chiropractic can help you reach your goals. (Review courtesy of VibePlate)

Synergy C.
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