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SunRay Saunas

SunRay Traditional, Infrared and Outdoor Saunas

Do you want comfort and relaxation at home or at the office in under 30 minutes? How about a good detox of the body and getting relief from sore and painful muscles after a long, stressful day at work or after an intense workout? 

SunRay Saunas can help relieve, recover, and rejuvenate your body. And this can happen all in the comforts of your own home or office. No traveling to a crowded gym or sharing a sauna with strangers.  

The only tough decision for you is what kind do you want? Infrared? Traditional? Outdoor? 

Infrared saunas have a normal temperature setting around 120°-130° with FAR infrared heating technology. Traditional saunas have temperatures ranging from 150°-180° with stones and a water bucket with the ladle. 

Installation is made easy with tongue and groove construction. Non-toxic materials get used to seal and coat the saunas and come equipped with tempered glass doors and panels. The 7-year warranty on your sauna will also give you peace of mind. 

See the toxins released with each wipe of sweat. Feel your muscle pains leave your body and the stress subsiding. And think with a more clear mind to make the tougher decisions at home or in the office. 

Find which SunRay Sauna will be the best fit and don’t keep waiting for a better YOU...Get one now!

Choose which option is best for you or your family and friends...(your neighbor might become your new best friend too!)

SunRay Traditional Saunas

All traditional saunas are equipped with well-known Harvia heaters from Finland that are considered the best in class. Established in 1950, Harvia is world renowned for producing quality sauna heaters and that is why SunRay has these heaters in each traditional sauna. They use lava rocks that can produce temperatures high enough to provide higher levels of heat for maximum detoxification and blood circulation. Temperatures of these traditional saunas are normally between 150° to 180°

SunRay Infrared Saunas

SunRay Saunas use the latest in FAR infrared heating technology. All carbon nano heaters have multi-layer PCB (polychlorinated biphenyls) packing technology which provides a lower effective temperature radiated 360° over a larger surface area for a safer, more comfortable, relaxing and effective sauna experience. Designed and tested to emit very low levels of EMF (Electromagnetic Fields), SunRay's carbon nano heaters are safe for many sauna sessions. Temperatures of infrared saunas are normally between 120° to 140°.

SunRay Outdoor Saunas

SunRay Saunas lets you bring some relaxation to your backyard with their selection of outdoor saunas. Choose either two, three or four person saunas that will help you and your family detoxify the body and get maximum benefits from each sauna session. Enjoy the aroma and look of the all natural Hemlock wood from Canada along with all the great features of a SunRay Sauna like the oxygen ionizer and FM radio/CD/Aux player. All SunRay outdoor saunas come with a severe weather cover for protection

All SunRay Saunas For Sale