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EnviroKlenz UV Bulbs (Set of 2)

SKU ED327-0253-02EK

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EnviroKlenz UV Bulbs for Mobile UV Model (EnviroKlenz Air System Plus)

Set of UVC Bulbs comes with 2 replacements for your EnviroKlenz Air System Plus. Located before (and radiating on) the collection side of the HEPA filter. Unlike systems that depend on killing/inactivating the organisms as they pass through the UVC light in a very short period of time, the UVC light is continuously shining on the collected organisms with high efficiency of kill.

  • Safe – Wavelength of 254 nm (outside of the ozone producing range)
  • Effective – These UVC lamps shine down onto the collection side of the HEPA filter in the EnviroKlenz Air System Plus to destroy collected organisms and provide internal cleaning of the unit

EnviroKlenz UV Bulbs (Set of 2) Reviews