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Enlighten Sapphire 3 Person Hybrid Sauna

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Ideal for:

  • Those looking to heal their bodies through infrared and dry heat therapy.
  • Individuals who prefer to treat ailments naturally than through the use of doctor-prescribed medications.
  • Those with an abundance of stress looking at sauna therapy to help heal their mind and bodies.
  • Anyone looking to feel happier and healthier through the regular use of saunas.

Why the Sapphire 3 is best for you:

  • Utilizes the power of both infrared and traditional electric heaters to give you the health benefits of both.
  • Heats up to a dry 189°F for maximum perspiration to sweat out harmful toxins from your body.
  • Choose from an indoor roof or an outdoor roof - better yet, choose an outdoor roof that includes the indoor roof FOR FREE.

Warranty — Free of defects in material and workmanship: 

  • Outdoor Installation: 3-year warranty
  • Indoor Installation: 7-year warranty 
  • Extended Warranties are available upon request. Please call for a quote.

Electrical: 2 separate designed circuits, 1 for each heater. See below for more details.

Infrared Sauna or Traditional Sauna? How About Both with the Sapphire 3 Person Sauna.

You’ve put in the time and done loads of research. You know the extensive list of benefits of both a traditional and an infrared sauna and yet, you can’t make a decision on one or the other.

You tell yourself it’s important and these types of decisions take time. But let’s be honest, does it have to be this hard?

Why not keep it simple and experience the health benefits of both?

In just 30 minutes a day you can change the trajectory of your well-being by owning your own hybrid sauna; the Sapphire 3. This sauna fills in the gaps that traditional or infrared only saunas lack. Dry as a desert but still full of much needed rays of infrared therapy to heal your nagging aches and pains.

Concerned about its maximum temperature range given its a hybrid? Don’t be. This sauna can reach up to a sweltering 189°F. Which, of course, matches traditional saunas and is the ideal temperature to sweat out the crud holding you back from feeling like a million bucks again.

With two types of saunas made into one, you may be worried about long-term durability. Forget about it. Outside of its standard 3 to 7 year warranty, this sauna is constructed out of Eco-certified, western Canadian Red Cedar wood inside and out. This gives it a healthy mix of strength and insulating power when compared to cheaper made saunas. In addition to what it's made of, this unit uses an electric Harvia heater which has been the standard in traditional saunas for over 50 years as well as 8 infrared heaters backed by Enlighten themselves.

So if you’re looking for the best hybrid sauna and want to experience the full range of health benefits that consistent sauna care has to offer, then the Sapphire 3 Person Sauna is the one for you.

Level Up Your Expectations with the Sapphire 3 Hybrid Sauna

Enlighten Sapphire 3 Person Infrared/Traditional Hybrid Sauna Harvia Heater

Dual Heating System

Looking for a sauna that gives you the best of both worlds when it comes to health benefits? Experience the power of both an electric Harvia heater and 8 infrared heaters in this sauna.

Enlighten Sapphire 3 Person Infrared/Traditional Hybrid Sauna Digital Controller

Digital Control Panel

No need to step outside of your sauna to change the temperature or adjust the time. Simply use the built-in digital control panel to make all the adjustments you need.

Enlighten Sapphire 3 Person Infrared/Traditional Hybrid Sauna Chromotherapy Upgrade

Infrared Chromotherapy

Consider the optional chromotherapy upgrade if you find yourself with lasting aches and pains you can’t get rid of. It’s been shown to help improve irritable areas on the body and alleviate muscle pain.

Enlighten Sapphire 3 Person Infrared/Traditional Hybrid Sauna Built-In Bluetooth Speakers

Built-in Audio System

Make the most of your sauna session by catching up on your favorite podcasts or listening to audiobooks with the built-in Bluetooth / USB / FM / MP3 / AUX speakers.

Simple DIY Assembly with the Sapphire 3

Enlighten Sapphire 3 Person Peak Roof Simple DIY Assembly

8 Heaters for a Better Sweat in the Sapphire 3

Enlighten Sapphire 3 Person Heaters

Technical Specs on the Sapphire 3 Person Hybrid Sauna


Enlighten Sapphire 3 Person Hybrid Sauna Reviews