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Enlighten Rustic 3 Person Infrared Sauna

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Ideal for:

  • Those looking to better their well-being through infrared therapy.
  • Individuals who prefer natural treatments to using prescription drugs when treating physical and mental ailments.
  • Those with high levels of anxiety looking to heal through sauna therapy.
  • Anyone wanting to get more sleep and improve their overall health through the daily use of saunas.

Why the Rustic 3 is best for you:

  • Uses 2 full spectrum heaters to give you all the rewards of infrared light therapy in one session.
  • Quickly heats up to 149°F to help clean your body of damaging toxins.
  • Choose from an indoor roof or an outdoor roof - better yet, choose an outdoor roof that includes the indoor roof FOR FREE.

Warranty — Free of defects in material and workmanship: 

  • Outdoor Installation: 3-year warranty
  • Indoor Installation: 7-year warranty 
  • Extended Warranties are available upon request. Please call for a quote.

Electrical: 1 separate designed circuit. See below for more details.

Feel the Difference of Full Spectrum Light Therapy in the Rustic Three Person Sauna

You’re working out and eating clean. On paper, you’re just what the doctor ordered. But you still feel like you got beat up every morning.

Why do you feel this way? It’s simple.

There are toxins in your body making you feel exhausted, foggy, and may even be hurting your future mental and physical health. One of the best ways to get rid of these damaging toxins is through perspiration, and a lot of it.

In just half an hour a day you can cleanse your body and take charge of your health with your own infrared sauna; the Rustic 3 sauna.

What makes this sauna unique is that it utilizes a single full spectrum heater to send you near, mid, and far infrared heat all at the same time in one session.

It’s kind of like holding your hand close to a fire and slowly moving it further away to feel the heat from different distances. Think of your hand when it’s closest to the fire as deep penetrating (near) infrared waves that heal deeply held problem areas, and your hand when it’s farthest away from the fire as more surface level waves (far) to heal your body’s exterior troubles. Combine all these together at the same time, and you can see how one session is so powerful.

It's why infrared saunas are efficient and typically more effective than traditional saunas.

When it comes to build, this sauna is made of quality materials. Eco-certified, western Canadian Red Cedar wood lines the walls inside and out. This gives it a durable mix of strength and insulating performance when compared to cheaper made alternatives. In addition to its construction, this unit uses 2 full spectrum and 6 carbon heaters to get it up to a blistering 149°F fast, the perfect temperature range for infrared saunas to do their best.

So if you’re searching for a solid full spectrum sauna to level up your health and optimize your daily routine, then the Rustic 3 Person Sauna is the one for you.

Enjoy Your Experience in the Rustic 3 Infrared Sauna

Enlighten Rustic 3 Person Infrared Sauna Full Spectrum Heaters

2 Full Spectrum Heaters

Ready to feel the undeniable benefits of all 3 types of infrared heat therapy in one? This sauna uses 2 full spectrum and 6 carbon heaters to give you the optimized session you’ve been looking for.

Enlighten Rustic 3 Person Infrared Sauna Digital Controller

Simple To Use Control Panel

Prefer the feel and utility of modern amenities in your sauna? Change the temperature or adjust the time of your session with the touchscreen digital control panel.

Enlighten Rustic 3 Person Infrared Sauna Chromotherapy Upgrade

Enhance Your Session with Light Therapy

If pain and continuous discomfort is something you can’t seem to fix, then consider the optional chromotherapy upgrade. It's shown to help heal muscle pain and ease inflamed areas on the body.

Enlighten Rustic 3 Person Infrared Sauna Built-In Bluetooth Speakers

Crystal Clear, Bluetooth Capable Sound System

Effortlessly connect your phone or other bluetooth device with the built-in Bluetooth / USB / FM / MP3 / AUX speakers, and listen up on those audiobooks and podcasts you've been trying to catch up on.

Assembly is Simple with the Rustic 3 Inner Locking System

Enlighten Rustic 3 Person Peak Roof Simple DIY Assembly

Maximize Heat with 6 Different Heater Locations in the Rustic 3

Enlighten Rustic 3 Person Heaters

Technical Specs on the Rustic 3 Person Infrared Sauna


Enlighten Rustic 3 Person Infrared Sauna Reviews