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Enlighten Diamond 5 Person Hybrid Sauna

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Ideal for:

  • Those looking to improve their overall well-being through natural healing.
  • Individuals with concerns about taking overly prescribed medications to treat their ailments.
  • Those with high levels of stress looking to lower their anxiety through sauna therapy.
  • Anyone looking to heal from within through the regular use of saunas.

Why the Diamond 5 is best for you:

  • Feel the natural effects of infrared and traditional heaters to give you the benefits of both.
  • Rid your body of toxins that are holding you back with a sauna that heats up to the perfect temperature range for healing in no time.
  • Choose from an indoor roof or an outdoor roof - better yet, choose an outdoor roof that includes the indoor roof FOR FREE.

Warranty — Free of defects in material and workmanship: 

  • Outdoor Installation: 3-year warranty
  • Indoor Installation: 7-year warranty 
  • Extended Warranties are available upon request. Please call for a quote.

Electrical: 2 separate designed circuits, 1 for each heater. See below for more details.

Maximize Space in the Diamond Five Person Infrared and Traditional Sauna

Looking for a large sauna to improve your overall health and well-being, while still providing enough power to heat it up efficiently?

Then it won't take days of deep thought to decide on the Diamond 5 to be your next great investment.

Consciously constructed of eco-certified, western Canadian Red Cedar wood, and large double pane, glass windows, this sauna is built to last and look sleek while doing it. In addition to it's eye catching appearance and solid build, this hybrid sauna uses both traditional electric Harvia and 12 full-spectrum infrared heaters. The combination of these two heaters leads to a faster increase in your overall body temperature which results in more sweat. This is exactly what you want when incorporating sauna therapy into your daily routine.

While the health benefits of a daily sauna regiment is incredibly beneficial to your health, what most people fail to think about is the short-term feel-good factor you get stepping inside one after a long day on the job. Likened to a cool breeze on a hot sunny day, sweating out the stress of life’s rigors is refreshing, invigorating, and just plain good for you. It's this feel good factor that keeps you coming back for more.

If you find that your daily routine is lacking and in need of an upgrade to take it to the next level, then look no further, the Diamond 5 Hybrid Sauna is made just for you.

Enjoy the Added Benefits of the Diamond 5 Hybrid Sauna

Enlighten Diamond 5 Person Infrared/Traditional Hybrid Sauna Harvia Heater

Hybrid Heating System

Looking for added benefits outside of just a traditional sauna? Experience the difference in how you feel with a traditional electric Harvia heater and 12 full-spectrum infrared heaters in this sauna.

Enlighten Diamond 5 Person Infrared/Traditional Hybrid Sauna Digital Controller

Indoor Control Panel

Don't want to step outside and change the temperature or extend the time while enjoying your sauna? The built-in control panel makes it easy to adjust both without leaving the comforts of within.

Enlighten Diamond 5 Person Infrared/Traditional Hybrid Sauna Chromotherapy Upgrade

Chromotherapy Lighting Upgrade

Do long days at your desk leave you with inflamed areas or nagging swelling you'd like to soon forget? Consider upgrading your sauna with chromotherapy lighting, which has been known to improve irritable areas on the body and aid in reducing muscle pain.

Enlighten Diamond 5 Person Infrared/Traditional Hybrid Sauna Built-In Bluetooth Speakers

Built-in Bluetooth Speaker System

Not enough time in the day to finish that podcast or audiobook you've been working on for weeks? Use your sauna session to catch up by easily connecting your phone to the built-in Bluetooth / USB / FM / MP3 / AUX plug.

DIY Assembly is Easy with the Diamond 5 Inner Locking System

Enlighten Diamond 5 Person Peak Roof Simple DIY Assembly

All Encompassing Heat with Precise Heater Locations in the Diamond 5

Enlighten Diamond 5 Person Heaters

Technical Specs on the Diamond 5 Person Hybrid Sauna


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