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Airpura Replacement HEPA-Barrier Post Filter Cloth


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Fits Airpura Models: For use with Airpura models -

  • C600 / C700
  • C600 DLX / C700 DLX
  • T600 / T700
  • T600 DLX / T700 DLX
  • G600 DLX / G700 DLX
  • F600 DLX / F700 DLX
  • Ships in 2-5 business days

HEPA-Barrier replacement for Airpura Air Purifiers

AirPura HEPA-Barrier filter is an allergen and dust removal filter for AirPura Air Purifiers. The HEPA-Type filter cloth has a filtration efficiency of over 95% at 1.0 micron in size. The HEPA-Barrier filter cloth is placed on the plastic filter-holder frame. Fits with C600/C700, C600 DLX/C700 DLX, T600/T700, T600 DLX/T700 DLX, G600 DLX/G700 DLX and F600 DLX/F700 DLX models.

If ordered as a filter cloth only, the existing filter frame should be cleaned and re-used. The HEPA-Type filter's lifetime: 1 Year +.

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