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Osla Edition 6 Person Traditional Steam Sauna

SKU GDI-7689-01
Include Golden Designs S-Shape Ergonomic Backrest for Saunas for $99.99?

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Assembled Dimensions (W x D x H): 79" x 72" x 83"

Heating: SaunaCore 6kW Traditional Sauna Stove

Warranty: 5-year warranty on wood, structure, heating elements, and electronics against defects in material and workmanship.

Oslo Edition GDI-7689-01 Six Person Traditional Steam Sauna — Canadian Red Cedar

Do you want to be apart of a 2,000 year old tradition but now with modern technology? Traditional saunas have evolved into our everyday life and you can now get one yourself. No holes to dig or getting the stones yourself is needed (Assembly will be needed though). Keep the tradition alive with Golden Designs’ OsloTraditional Steam Sauna.

Traditional saunas are no longer just in your local workout gym or community club. Now you can have one in your home or office and you will have family, friends, and co-workers wanting to come over to participate in a session. Be the one to help others with their health. 

Sweat away the toxins and feel the potential benefits aiding in recovery from a long day at work or post-workout. You will be ready to go for the next day's events. 

Don't wait any longer! Order your traditional sauna today and experience the Golden Designs difference.

Oslo Edition GDI-7689-01 Six Person Traditional Steam Sauna Features

Golden Designs Oslo Edition 6 Person Traditional Steam Sauna Specs

  • 4-6 person capacity: Invite your friends over and make a tradition out of it!
  • 100% Natural Canadian red cedar wood: The red cedar brings good aroma along with a strong and sturdy foundation for stability. 
  • Interior ceiling galaxy star color therapy lighting system: Each color can help heal different aspects of the body. Just another added bonus to purchasing a Golden Designs sauna. 
  • Interior backrest with accent color therapy lighting system: Feel comfortable with the backrest and gain more benefits with the color therapy lighting. 
  • Interior reading lamp: Bring the latest business magazine or self-help book to read during your session. 
  • Touch Screen Control Panel with built in FM Radio and Bluetooth Connection w/ built in performance speakers: A choice will have to be made...listen to the radio or connect your phone and listen to your favorite podcast. Either way the speakers will make it sound good inside the sauna. 
  • 2 stationary front tempered glass panels with glass door: The glass front is strengthened with the tempered glass and also will keep the heat inside the sauna. 
  • Sandglass, thermometer, bucket and scoop: The sandglass and thermometer help regulate your humidity and temperature inside the sauna for your safety. 
  • Stainless steel hinge and handle: Bringing the modern design to the traditional sauna gives it a sleek look. 
  • SaunaCore 6kW Traditional Sauna Stove / Made in Canada: With 30 years of producing sauna stoves, SaunaCore is a trusted name in the industry. 
  • Electrical service: 240 V/30 AMP direct connect to stove
  • Assembled Dimensions (W x D x H): 79" x 72" x 83"


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