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Maxxus Bellevue Edition 3 Person Low EMF FAR Infrared Sauna

SKU MX-J306-01

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  • Exterior dimensions (WDH): 61" x 42" x 75"
  • Interior dimensions (WDH): 57" x 38" x 68"

Heating: 7 Carbon Tech Low EMF FAR Infrared Heaters 

  • 3 on the rear wall
  • 1 on each side wall
  • 1 under the bench
  • 1 on the floorboard

Warranty: 5-year warranty on wood, structure, heating elements, and electronics against defects in material and workmanship. 

Electrical: 120V / 20amp (Consult a certified electrician to install 20 amp outlet and 20 amp breaker.)

Bellevue MX-J306-01 Three Person Infrared Carbon Sauna

Be the one to improve your health! Honor your body and mind by giving yourself a healthier lifestyle. Take a break from the busy home and work-life to reap the benefits of an infrared sauna!

Maxxus saunas use infrared waves to penetrate into your body tissue and can help dissolve substances that are harmful. The FAR infrared waves can penetrate the deepest into the tissue to help break down toxins as you perspire and wipe them away. 

Add in environmentally friendly reforested wood and energy-efficient carbon heating panels and you can’t find a better product for a healthier lifestyle. Every Maxxus Sauna is equipped with a floor and lower bench heater that gets the benefits and treatment to your legs and feet too. Help not only yourself but others with your infrared sauna purchase.  

Don't keep waiting! Order your infrared sauna today and experience the Golden Designs difference.

Bellevue Edition MX-J306-01 Low EMF FAR Infrared Carbon Sauna Features

Maxxus Bellevue Edition 3 Person Low EMF FAR Infrared Sauna Specs:

  • 3 person full capacity: You could hold a meeting of three in this sauna! Or go by yourself and take a Zoom call and show off your Bellevue Edition Sauna by Maxxus!
  • Natural Reforested Canadian Hemlock wood: Being made of 6mm Interior and Exterior wood planks with a 1.13 inch inner frame, Maxxus produces well built saunas with the reforested hemlock wood. 
  • Glass/Windows: Clear tempered glass doors allow the heat to stay inside the sauna and provides extra strength. Add in 2 full length side windows and the sauna is an oasis for you. 
  • Interior reading light: Dust off your favorite novel and flip through the pages while you sweat out the toxins. 
  • 7 Carbon Tech Low EMF FAR Infrared Heaters : The seven panels can heat your sauna quicker than ceramic heaters and traditional heaters too. They will penetrate your skin more effectively and give you the benefits you deserve. 
  • Interior LED control panel: Change your timer and temperature while you sit inside your sauna. Find your perfect balance. 
  • MP3 / Aux input: Plug in your phone and listen over the two speakers to your favorite podcast or app you've downloaded.
  • Electrical service: 120V / 20amp plug & play (Consult a certified electrician to install 20 amp outlet and 20 amp breaker)
  • Clasp Together Assembly: With easy clasp together parts that two people can assemble, no carpentry skills are required and you will have your sauna up and running in a short period of time. 
  • Sauna weight: 375 lbs.
  • Shipping weight: 445 lbs.
  • Ships in 3 boxes


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