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InMovement Energy Standing Desk Stool


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Perfect fit with the Unsit Treadmill Desk

Diameter: 14" (top and bottom of stool)

Height Range: 22" - 32" high

Weight: 13.5 lbs. 

Warranty: 2 year

What Makes the Energy Standing Desk Stool "Active" for You?

Using it with a standing desk or treadmill desk, the Energy Standing Desk Stool is perfect for you to stay 'active' while working at your desk. 

Get the benefits of standing while sitting with the desk stool. With a concave shape at the base, the stool seat is able to shift and move with your body to help promote the best posture for the upper body. It almost feels like you are standing and swaying at your desk but in reality sitting with great posture.  

The stool is built with a rubber base and has a grip-like texture on the bottom to avoid damage to your treadmill belt, and to ensure that the stool maintains good contact and grip with the floor or treadmill.

Perfect as an accessory to the Unsit Treadmill Desk, the Energy Stool is for when you need a break from walking and standing. You can also use it with any standing desk too. Either way, this will help you keep great posture while working on a daily basis. 

Grab your Energy Standing Desk Stool today!

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