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Breathe Degrees Cold Plunge Tub


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Add a one-of-a-kind Cold Plunge Tub to your home! 

  • Temperatures can go as low as 39°-41° (can program from any temp below 80).
  • Size is approximately 64”L x 34“W x 35”H.
  • The tub (compartment) is high-density polyurethane that measures  36"L x 24"W x 30"H.
  • Weight is approximately 400 lbs.
  • A dedicated 110V/15A GFCI outlet is mandatory. Electric — usage is 110 v and 5 amps.

*Current ship times are up to 3 weeks*

One-of-a-kind Cold Plunge Tub for Your Home

Make cold plunging your daily ritual with the Breathe Degrees Cold Plunge Tub!

The cold plunge tub is not only functional for your health and wellness, but also beautifully crafted from the finest materials (more on this if you keep scrolling 👇🏼). 

With no two tubs alike, yours will be truly unique and your own piece of art for your home!

Breathe Degrees takes the benefits of cold therapy and makes them even easier to enjoy with your own work of art. You can easily step into the cold tub and start feeling the advantages of cold therapy right away. 

Whether you're looking for relief from pain, stress, or just want to improve your overall health, this cold plunge tub is perfect for you.

Perfectly Pairs Function and Beauty

More than a cold plunge, it's your beautiful piece of furniture! only takes a few minutes per plunge to help improve your circulation and boost your immune system. 

The anti-inflammatory properties from cold plunging help fight inflammation and arthritis, and so much more!

Many users insist it makes them happier and love to start the day with a plunge! And we all want to be happy, right?

Keeping constant temperatures as low as 39°, your tub will be ready for you at all times of the day.

And here is a little don't have to add ice at all or empty it and replace it with new water after a few plunges

Each one comes ready to go with a 1/4 hp chiller, a pump, an Ozonator, and a filter. The Ozonator, a powerful and safe disinfecting agent, keeps your water clean and free from bacteria and viruses. The filter works with the Ozonator to help remove debris and other microscopic particles from the water to ensure your plunges will be clean for you. 

It is a beautiful addition either inside or outside your home with minimal upkeep and maintenance required.

Put Your Finishing Touches on the Breathe Degrees Cold Tub

You will have two important decisions to make your tub truly yours, the stain/color and position of your controls/chiller.

What stain color will you choose? 

An important decision that you will have to make is deciding which color stain that you want for your tub that will make it your own unique piece of art! Your family and friends will be saying, "What is that? It's so beautiful!".

Natural Breathe Degrees At-Home Cold Plunge Tub Natural Spanish Oak Breathe Degrees At-Home Cold Plunge Tub Spanish Oak Teak Breathe Degrees At-Home Cold Plunge Tub Teak Dark Natural Breathe Degrees At-Home Cold Plunge Tub Dark Natural Oiled Leather Breathe Degrees At-Home Cold Plunge Tub Oiled Leather
Where do you want the Control Panel / Chiller to be?

This will depend on where you plan to put your Breathe Degrees Cold Plunge Tub. You want to be able to have full access to the controls, chiller, pump, and filters. 

When looking at the end of the tub where the grate is, you will want to decide if you want the control to be either to the left or right of that. 

Control/Chiller to the left of the grateBreathe Degrees Cold Plunge Tub Contro/Chiller Orientation on Left Control/Chiller to the right of the grate
Breathe Degrees Cold Plunge Tub Contro/Chiller Orientation on Right

Now you get to wait for your Breathe Degrees Cold Plunge Tub to get custom built! It won't be like any other out there! Keep reading to see how each one is made below. 

The Art that is the Breathe Degrees Cold Plunge Tub

Your cold plunge tub is the result of hours of labor-intensive work, with each one handcrafted from the finest materials. 

The process is a labor of love. 

It is built from Kiln fired Redwood and pressure-treated lumber. 

The wood is finished in the Japanese style of “shou-sugi-ban”, which is a traditional method of protecting and preserving the wood.

Each piece of Redwood is burnt, scrapped clean, burnt again, and wire brushed to expose the lighter wood underneath.

A labor of love but it isn't finished there. 

It is then double-stained and sealed with an outer coat to give it maximum protection. 

Then voila! Your own masterpiece is made! 


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