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VibePlate vs Power Plate

There's no question that exercising regularly can help lead a better life.

Some find it hard to fit in workouts with their busy schedules, but there are whole-body vibration machines such as VibePlate and Power Plate which offer great benefits with shorter workouts. 

If you've looked into whole-body vibration machines, I'm sure these are two of the top brands you have found. So let's go ahead and compare VibePlate or Power Plate to help you make the best decision for your needs.

Power Plate or VibePlate — Which Whole-Body Vibration Plate is best for You?


One of the first things people look at is price. Power Plate and VibePlate have top-quality products in the whole-body vibration area so you will pay a decent price for them. But your health and well-being should be most important to you. 

Power Plate and VibePlate will give you everything you wanted in a whole-body vibration machine and then some.

The VibePlate 2424 is priced at $1,995 in Steel option and $2,195 in Aluminum option. The VibePlate 2440 is $2,595 for Steel and $2,795 for Aluminum

With Power Plate, the Power Plate Personal is $1,795 and the Power Plate Move is $3,295

You will see these are priced very similarly and we would agree both brands are well worth the price!

We have the price out of the way, so let's go talk about how each brand gives you vibration!

Types of Vibration

VibePlate and Power Plate each have different types of vibration for their whole-body vibration machines. 

Power Plate has technology known as PrecisionWave Technology. The Power Plate does not simply just vibrate up and down but actually vibrates in multiple directions also known as Tri-Planar vibration. So it goes up/down, left/right, and forwards/backward.

VibePlate has a lineal platform that remains horizontal and the entire platform moves up and down. There are no other movements such as left/right or forwards/backward. This vertical movement makes VibePlate a stable, stationary vibration platform.


Frequency/Hertz is the number of times the platform completes 1 cycle of movement per second. The higher the frequency, the faster the machine vibrates per second. This is different from the speed setting of the machine.

VibePlate — Every VibePlate has variable speeds ranging from 10 to 60 Hz. Unlike many other exercises, different speeds are used for the joints and muscles. For example, low levels have been proven to help increase lymphatic drainage while higher ranges can reduce joint pain or enhance muscle strength.

Power Plate — The Personal Power Plate has a fixed frequency of 35 Hz that includes 30 or 60-second timers that you can use. The Power Plate Move has 6 different options with (30Hz Low / 30Hz High) (35 Hz Low / 35 Hz High) (40Hz Low / 40Hz High) with time selections of 0-9 minutes and also the 30 or 60-second timer as well. 

Pros and Cons of VibePlate and Power Plate


VibePlate Whole-Body Vibration Machines


👍🏼 Made with pride in the USA 

👍🏼 2,400 pound weight capacity so all can use it

👍🏼 Only one motor that runs the whole vibration plate

👍🏼 Lifetime warranty for home users


👎🏼 Only 2mm amplitude option

👎🏼 Lower end of G force (3-4)

Power Plate

Power Plate Whole-Body Vibration Machines


👍🏼 Amplitude options of High and Low

👍🏼 Tri-Planar Vibration (up/down, left/right, forward/backwards)

👍🏼 MDD Certified Medical device / FDA-registered device

👍🏼 Includes Hand straps, rubber mat, and remote control


👎🏼 Shorter warranty at 3 years

👎🏼 30 or 60 second timer on Personal Power Plate


VibePlate — Each VibePlate will come with a lifetime warranty for regular home users and 5 years on the motor and controller for commercial users and a lifetime for everything else on the units. This is one of the best warranties out there and you will be assured that if something may go wrong with your VibePlate, you will be covered and be able to get it fixed or replaced. 

Power Plate — The Power Plate whole-body vibration machines come with a 3-year warranty on hardware and 1 year on electronics and labor. With a solid warranty, you know Power Plate will fix anything that happens to your machine in a timely manner. 

Tech Specs

Dimensions: 24in x 24in 27.5in x 18.7in x 6.2in
Capacity: 2,400 lbs. 264 lbs.
Amplitude: 2mm Low (2mm) or High (4mm)
Frequency: 10-60 Hz 35 Hz
Vibration Form Vertical Tri-Planar
Weight: 45 lbs. Aluminum / 102 lbs. Steel 40.4 lbs.
Warranty:  Lifetime for Home Users and 5 years on the motor and controller for Commercial Users 3 year warranty on hardware and 1 year on electronics and labor

Dimensions: 24in x 40in 30in x 24in x 9in
Capacity: 2,400 lbs. 300 lbs.
Amplitude: 2mm Low (2mm) or High (4mm)
Frequency: 10-60 Hz 6 levels - Ranging from 30-40 Hz
Vibration Form Vertical Tri-Planar
Weight: 73 lbs. Aluminum / 157 lbs. Steel 87 lbs.
Warranty:  Lifetime for Home Users and 5 years on the motor and controller for Commercial Users 3 year warranty on hardware and 1 year on electronics and labor


Both Power Plate and VibePlate offer amazing whole-body vibration workouts, but there are a few key differences that may help make your decision easier.

For example, if you’re looking for something with more intense vibrations, go for the Power Plate. But if you want a machine with more versatility in terms of hertz levels, then the VibePlate would be a better option.

Ready to experience the power of whole-body vibration?

If you want to learn more about both brands and all they offer, please take a look here, VibePlate and Power Plate.

VibePlate also has larger whole-body vibration machines that include the Yoga Plate for all you Yogis out there and the VibeStretch that has a stretch cage.  

And if you're set on a Power Plate, go check out our Power Plate comparison that breaks down the Power Plate Move and Personal Power Plate.

If you have questions about which would be best for your needs, please call or email us any time. We will happily answer your questions and guide you to the best option that is right for you.

You can reach us at 24 hrs, 7 days a week, or call 800-791-8083 Monday-Friday, 8:00-5:00 CST.