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Power Plate Move vs Personal Power Plate

Power Plate Comparison — Find the Best Power Plate for You

You've done your research and know Power Plate is the brand for you.

But you still aren't sure if the Power Plate Move or Personal Power Plate will be best for your workouts at home or in the office.

In this article, we are going to break down the similarities and differences of each one so you can make the best decision. 

The obvious first place to look at is price with the Move coming in at $3,295.00 and the Personal at $1,795.00.

But there are other key factors you may want to consider, so let's dive in and help you start your Power Plate journey!

Power Plate Personal vs Move — What's the Difference? 


  • As we mentioned above, there is quite a difference in price. The Power Plate Move ($2,995.00) is nearly double the price of the Personal Power Plate ($1,795.00). With that wide gap in pricing, some people will go for the Personal since it costs less, but if you have the money to spend, get the one with more options, the Move.  (PS, there is a discount further down this page 😉  plus we throw in a free massage gun with your purchase of either unit!)

Size of Surface Area

  • If you are worried about surface area on which to work out, the Move,  with 35% more surface area, is going to be the right choice for you.
  • Even though the Personal is slightly smaller, you will still have ample room to easily workout. Whether it's push-ups, planks, lunges, or workout with the straps, you will feel the vibration working. 


  • The Personal is the lighter of the two here.  Weighing over 40 lbs. less than the Move and coming with a weight of just 40.4 lbs, it will be much easier to move the Personal around from room to room or bring it with you on a trip or to a friend's place for workouts.
  • The Move is still manageable to move around at 87 lbs, but certainly will be more tough to do so. If you have your own workout space and don't need to move it often, then the weight won't matter. 

Time Selections

  • The Personal has only two choices of timers, 30 or 60 seconds, that can be adjusted with a remote control (included). 
  • The Move has many more options with the same 30 or 60 second timers, but also has a timer of 9 minutes that can be used giving you a longer time to keep working out. 

Frequency Range

  • Just like with the time selections, the Move has many more frequency options. With a range of 30-40 Hz, the Move has six different levels you can choose from throughout your workouts. 
  • 1=30Hz Low, 2=35Hz Low, 3=40Hz Low, 4=30Hz High, 5=35Hz High, 6=40Hz High
  • With the Personal Power Plate, you will have just one preset frequency of 35 Hz.

Maximum Capacity Load for User

  • The Move has a capacity of 300 lbs while the Personal has a 264 lb. capacity. There is not much difference there, but if you are worried about the weight of users, go with the Move which allows for more weight.  

What Else is Included?

  • Included with both units is: hand straps (set of 2), a rubber mat, a remote control, power cord, quick start guide and instructions for use.
  • The Personal Power Plate also comes with a canvas carrying bag for traveling and for on-the-go workouts.

Power Plate Personal Vibration Machine

Power Plate Personal Vibration Machine



Dimensions (W x D x H):
27.5 in. x 18.7 in. x 6.2 in.
40.4 lbs.
Maximum User Capacity:
264 lbs.
Frequency / Pre-set Frequencies:
Time Selections:
30 seconds or 60 seconds
Vibration Energy Output (amplitude):
Low or High
1 year on hardware, electronics and labor

Power Plate Move Vibration Machine

Power Plate Move Vibration Machine



Dimensions (W x D x H):
30 in. x 24 in. x 9 in.
87 lbs.
Maximum User Capacity:
300 lbs.
Frequency Range:

30-40Hz, Low/High

Frequency Levels: 

6 levels — 30Hz Low / High, 35 Hz Low / High; 40Hz Low / High

Time Selections:
Counts up from 0-9 minutes; :30 and :60 second presets
Vibration Energy Output (amplitude):
Low or High
3 years on hardware and 1 year electronics and labor

What can a Power Plate bring to your workouts?

Power Plate can enhance your workouts without compromising any performance. In fact, the Power Plate Personal and Power Plate Move can help you reach your goals quicker and more effectively.  They are whole-body vibration machines that are compact in size so you can use them at home or even in the office.

Both can be moved around to a different room in the house or bring them on the road if you are traveling and need a quick workout. If you are looking for a vibration trainer that you can incorporate into your home workouts, both the Personal and Move are great options.

Giving you a great combination of size and function, the Move and Personal amplify the benefits of smaller movements without the use of any weights. Workouts are low impact and available to everyone from elite athletes to older people. Both vibration machines will provide you with a total body workout in less time than your traditional exercise workout.  

Studies have shown that Power Plate users lose twice as much fat over six months compared to users who do diet and simple fitness alone. Adding either the Personal or Move will bring you to the next level by stimulating natural reflexes, increasing muscle activation, and improving circulation.

Both products will give you the patented Advanced Vibration technology that oscillates in three different planes (up and down, side to side, and front to back). Power Plate's whole-body vibration technology has been scientifically established to speed up health and fitness benefits to deliver faster, longer–lasting results.

Power Plate also has other products available including massage guns and rollers that will be perfect for your workout and recovery routine.