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InMovement: How many steps can you get on your treadmill desk?

Do you want to feel better, burn more calories, and have more energy at work?

InMovement treadmill desk is the perfect solution for you!

Space-efficient with 2x more room to walk

Perfect for walking speeds, the treadmill is designed with a unique short/wide layout that gives you more usable space where you need it, allowing you to use the full width of your desk without sticking out in your office. You can even adjust the speed to fit perfectly with your workflow. This treadmill and standing desk combo will help boost productivity by keeping you healthier and happier throughout the day!

Move more, burn more calories

We all know sitting too much isn’t good for our health and finding time to exercise during the day is difficult with so many other things going on in life. With the InMovement Unsit Treadmill under your standing desk and in front of your computer, there’s no excuse not to get up and get some steps in throughout each day! 

Easily incorporate movement into each workday

Start seeing results without having to sacrifice your comfort or productivity. Activate your muscles and promote blood flow with the treadmill desk. Track your steps with the Bluetooth app that is free. Tone up while you crunch numbers, knock out emails, or take care of business - now that's what we call a win-win!

Sit less today and start feeling better tomorrow

With InMovement's Unsit Treadmill and standing desk, you will get a great workout while working. (If you need to take a rest from the treadmill, we have you covered with the InMovement Energy Stool that is a perfect fit on the treadmill and gives you great posture!) You deserve to feel better with InMovement!

Keep moving to see the benefits of the InMovement Treadmill Desk!

InMovement Unsit Treadmill Desk Bundle

Get the perfect combo with the Unsit Under Desk Treadmill and Standing Desk from InMovement. You will be able to get your steps in while working at the perfect standing desk for all your needs. With 55% more usable space on the treadmill, you have more space to move around and be able to access all parts of the standing desk without falling off. Get the Unsit Treadmill Desk Bundle today to get these great benefits:

  • Increase your productivity and concentration
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Boost energy levels by standing up throughout the day 
  • Be more productive at work, so you can go home and spend time with family

InMovement Unsit Under Desk Treadmill

The treadmill desk is perfect for your office so you can get your steps in while being more productive. Don't be one to sit all day long with poor posture. The Unsit Under Desk Treadmill from InMovement can help you stay more focused and burn calories. With 55% more usable space (shorter/wider layout), you can use more of your desk while also not sticking out and tripping up other co-workers. 

  • Easy controls to adjust speed — up to 2 mph
  • Track how long you stand and your steps with the free app (Bluetooth)
  • Treadmill is quiet enough to not bother your co-workers
  • Commercial-grade components give your treadmill longevity
  • The automatic shut off feature makes sure you are safe 

InMovement Energy Desk Stool for Standing Desks

The InMovement Energy Stool was designed to promote movement and healthy energy while you sit at work. The concave base allows the seat to shift and move with your body. You can use it in a sitting or perching position if you need a rest from standing walking on the treadmill. This stool is perfect for pairing with a treadmill desk or standing desk - get moving while you work!

  • Gives you ideal upper body posture
  • Minimize the strain of sitting on your back
  • Allows you to take a break from standing
  • The base has rubber that is grippy to avoid damage to your treadmill belt

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