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Wellness Junction Professional Update is produced by the editors of Wellness Program Management Advisor.

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You'll get news and information just for wellness managers:

  • Using All The Tools Of The Worksite Wellness "Trade"
  • How To Improve Your Smoking Cessation Program Quit Rate
  • Top Tips For Managing A Successful Workplace Wellness Program
  • Wellness Professionals' Salaries And Responsibilities Are On The Rise
  • Your Footpath for a Health Promotion Career
  • Health And Fitness Professionals Should Help Walkers Set Activity, Not Just Step Goals
  • Making The Case For Worksite Back-Hardening Programs
  • Real-World Methods That Have Led to Wellness Program Success
  • Putting Health Back Into Worksite Health Promotion
  • Features To Look for When Purchasing an Online Wellness Program
  • Tips To Help Participants Stretch Into Wellness
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You’ll get insight into solving the kinds of problems that you face every day in your field. Insider information, survey results, real-world practical strategies, in-depth details of programs at work in a variety of corporations, healthcare organizations and the public sector.

Discover new wellness program ideas, management statistics, and even advice on how to demonstrate your program’s return on investment and statistics to help prove your program's worth.

Wellness Junction Professional Update is just one more way we are working every day to meet your specific wellness management professional information needs.

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Here’s What Current Wellness Junction Professional Update Subscribers Had to Say:

“We are putting together our wellness program, so hearing about other programs and ideas really helps.” Joe Perkins, Training Manager  Pate Dawson Company

“This material helps me set up future promotions for our employees and gives me ideas of what to include in the programs.”  Nadine Stilfield, LPN, Bothwell Regional Health Center, Sedalia, MO
“Good information” Wellness Services Provider Company

“I like the studies that give data and facts… I often share these with other departments.  They are that useful.”   Worksite Health Promotion Manager

“It keeps me on my toes with wellness issues and topics. It is very helpful.” 

“It helps me in gathering information that I give to large employer groups considering buying into our HMO.”  Ron Evans, Health/Wellness Education Coordinator, Florida Health Plans

“It is an informative publication with up-to-date information.”  Consultant for a wellness services provider

“Insights are useful for direction-setting discussions.” Manager, wellness program

“I, along with other colleagues, have been given the task to formulate a wellness policy for our school system and the information received thus far has been helpful in beginning the task.”   Sue Ewings, Director-School Health Program, Dougherty Count Health Department

“Some good ideas as well as confirmation of current thoughts around programs.” Benefit Analyst

“[My health care system] just finished our first program which was a great success [with] 12% of [our 4,000] employees participating.  … The information that you have in your publication will help us justify more such programs. Thanks.”  Kris Drake, RN, Wellness Coordinator, Freeman Health System

“The wellness material is useful in that it has gotten our administrative level employees looking seriously into implementing a wellness program that has been non-existent in this community college.”  Lloyd Albert, Fitness Center Advisor, Northland Pioneer College

“Topics are relevant to the needs of my clients.”  Consultant for a wellness services provider

“Helps me launch new products/services” John Caoussias, President, Wellness Inc.

“It’s always helpful to get current information, or interesting facts, without always or only having to go through lengthy journal articles.”   Health Educator, Hospital-Medical Center

“I usually forward important data in your newsletter to our employees.”  Michele Chereson, RN  Occupational Health Coordinator, Hospital-Medical Center

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“Wellness Program Return on Investment: How To Prove Your Program's Value to Senior Management”


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