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How to Reach More Than 6,700 Online Workplace Wellness Management Decision Makers

New Selling Opportunity in the Workplace Wellness Market

If you are marketing your products and services to worksite wellness program managers, an Email Sponsorship of the Wellness Junction Professional Update may help you connect with our online community.

An affordable and practical way you can reach wellness managers is through an informative email sponsor message in Wellness Junction Professional Update.

Wellness Junction Professional Update is the only e-mail newsletter geared toward professionals working in the workplace wellness and health field.

You can reach more than 6,700 opt-in subscribers to this popular ezine that delivers exclusive news, information and insight for executives responsible for the management and administration of their organizations’ wellness program.

These executives subscribe to Wellness Junction Professional Update for the focused wellness information they get in every issue. Each Wellness Junction Professional Update issue reaches a highly targeted audience of online wellness and health promotion professionals. They go by a variety of management titles including wellness manager, wellness program coordinator, health promotion manager, director, health & fitness, health promotion program coordinator, health educator, worksite wellness consultant, director, health & productivity initiatives, certified worksite wellness program consultant, and health & wellness supervisor.

Take advantage of the low cost and high visibility you’ll enjoy with your sponsorship of Wellness Junction Professional Update – a fraction of the cost of a postage stamp to mail a letter. The email newsletter is only sent to users who sign up to request it.

Our popular email newsletter offers these professional readers insight into solving the kinds of problems that they face every day: Insider information, survey results, real-world practical strategies, in-depth details of programs at work in a variety of corporations, healthcare organizations and the public sector.

Reserve your sponsorship weeks now. There is no need to send money now. Just fire off your Sponsorship reservations for the slots you choose.

Remember, the cost to sponsor an issue of Wellness Junction Professional Update is dramatically less than the cost of a direct mail campaign to the same number of prospective customers.

Lock in the current low-cost sponsorship fees for the next six months simply by reserving your choice of sponsorship issue slots now.

Sponsorships of Wellness Junction Professional Update are so effective that we use this unique and targeted marketing vehicle to market our own products and services.

E-mail has become the preferred way of communicating in business today. That’s why one of the most effective ways to reach your online target market is through "rifle shot" highly selective marketing campaigns to those decision-makers.

E-mail lists of top executives in the worksite wellness and health promotion profession are simply not available. For privacy and confidentiality reasons, you cannot rent the e-mail addresses of our clients or subscribers. That’s why sponsoring the Wellness Junction Professional Update a smart way to reach these decision-makers.

Act now to reserve your sponsorship dates. 

About the Wellness Junction Professional Update Subscribers:
  • 84.3 % Read WJPU online
  • 52.9 % Save their issues for future reference
  • 43.1 % Forward the newsletter to colleagues
What Wellness Junction Professional Update
Readers Say:

“We are in the process of putting together our wellness program, so hearing about other programs and ideas really helps.”

 “I like studies that give data and facts.”

“It keeps me on my toes with up-to-date issues and topics.”

“This material helps me set up future programs for our employees and gives me ideas of what to include in the programs.”

“I have used some of these ideas in our wellness fair and wellness programs.”

“Insights are useful for direction-setting discussions.”

“I am the wellness coordinator for our health care system which has approximately 4000 employees. The information that you have in your publication will help us to justify more programs.”

“I’m always looking to see what the marketplace is doing from a worksite wellness perspective.”

Sign up for your sponsorship today.

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