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Professional Desk Reference for Workplace Wellness Program Managers Produced

MANASQUAN, NJ -- Proven workplace wellness program management methods, plans and ideas worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, how to measure a program's effectiveness, ‘mini' case histories of successful programs, and what's working elsewhere, are featured in the new Wellness Program Management Yearbook, second edition.

The Yearbook provides 294 pages of tools, tips, new ideas, best practices, statistics and strategies for workplace wellness professional administrators, and has been published by American Business Publishing.

Chapters cover Trends in Wellness and Health Promotion, Cost-cutting Statistics, Management Tips, Program Planning, Weight Control/Management Programs, Exercise and Fitness, Nutrition, Smoking Cessation, Stress Management, Prenatal Care, Ergonomics and Injury Prevention, Empowering Consumers: Self-Care and Disease and Demand Management, and Spotlight on Wellness Programs.

The resource also features keys to developing best practices for a program, along with strategies to nurture support from senior management, including a 10-point checklist of management tips.

Details from an exclusive survey that studied the key elements and program components that contributed to the success of workplace wellness programs are included.

Several of the successful workplace wellness programs featured in the Yearbook are award winners in the competition sponsored by the popular Web site

Workplace wellness initiatives and ideas that are working elsewhere are featured in the chapter on Program Planning. Topics include seven building blocks for a successful program, the top 20 characteristics that can make a program even more successful, how to overcome the hurdles to implementing a program, and the "Seven C's to a Healthier Workplace."

The chapter on Cost-cutting Statistics may come as a surprise to managers who are focusing their efforts on such issues as high blood pressure, smoking cessation, or sedentary lifestyles. The Yearbook provides details of the workplace wellness initiatives at Fairchild Semiconductor that resulted in improvements to participants' health risks, as well as declines in the company's pre-employee per-month healthcare costs.

The new edition of the Yearbook includes results of exclusive surveys by the Wellness Program Management Advisor editorial staff, including results that identify the top wellness program services that will help managers see how their program compares.

One of the most interesting and useful features throughout the Yearbook are the ‘mini' case histories of what's working elsewhere and what other companies are doing. The award-winning integrated wellness program that helped a Colorado city save $7 million using a modest budget but lots of creativity is spotlighted. Also featured is the winner of's first "Return on Investment" contest, a Rhode Island medical center's Wellness Challenge that documented savings of more than $2 million over six years.

The Wellness Program Management Yearbook, second edition, was produces for mangers who are responsible for their organization's workplace wellness program.

More information about The Wellness Program Management Yearbook is available online at:

For additional information about The Wellness Program Management Yearbook, contact the American Business Publishing, 1913 Atlantic Ave., Suite F4, Manasquan, NJ 08736; call toll-free 888-THE-MCIC (1-888-516-4343), fax toll-free (888) FAX-MCIC (1-888-329-6242), or visit

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