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Motivating Employees To Participate In Programs Focus Of New Educational CD-ROM

MANASQUAN, NJ -- A new educational briefing is now available on CD-ROM, “Workplace Wellness Programs: ‘What’s in it for me?’ How to Motivate Your Employees and Boost Participation.” The CD contains audio and slide materials from an audio conference held on May 20.

Wellness managers from around the country dialed into the program that was offered to help organizations learn about employee wellness incentive programs used to boost program attendance.

The program covers how companies have successfully used incentive programs to boost participation in employee wellness programs.

The program presenters are: Randy Adolphs, Comer Center manager, Lands’ End; E. Anthony Haynes, wellness coordinator/fitness director, Aramco Services Company; and Martha Pedersen, manager, Worksite Health Promotion, Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention.

Although wellness managers know that workplace wellness programs offer many benefits to both the employee who participates and the company — benefits such as improved employee health and productivity, and reduced absences, getting employees to participate in these programs — and getting management to support them — is a challenge.

The success of workplace wellness programs is often based on the number of participants, according to the results of a workplace wellness management survey conducted by Wellness Program Management Advisor and “Keeping employees interested in wellness programs is an ongoing, labor-intensive effort that involves motivation and recognition,” wellness managers say.

Attempts to get more employees interested in health promotion programs have grown because of the importance of the number of attendees, respondents said. As a result, almost 60 percent of respondents said they have tried a variety of new efforts to encourage participation.

“Participation is always a challenge because it relates to budget,” said a hospital wellness program coordinator. “If there is no participation there are no results.”

The program on CD-ROM covers the following topics:

  • Outlines of a successful employee wellness program.
  • Review of incentives programs used successfully in industry.
  • Use of “customer surveys” in selecting wellness programs.
  • Administration of multi-site programs.
  • Success measurements (percent participation at start/percent after implementation of incentive).
  • How management becomes involved (money or more personally involved).

This highly rated management briefing on CD-ROM provides insight for wellness managers and those who are administratively responsible for monitoring their organization’s worksite wellness program.

The 90-minute program comes with complete conference materials including slides, charts, program descriptions, examples, program measures, techniques, samples of program incentives and results.

The program can be used for management awareness training or for planning implementation procedures.

The program may be ordered by contacting Health Resources Publishing at (800) 516-4343. Information on the CD-ROM is also available online at:

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