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Report Provides Guidance For Wellness Managers With Planning - Management Strategies

MANASQUAN, NJ -- "Building Blocks For a Successful Workplace Wellness Program: Proven Planning and Management Strategies," has been published by Wellness Program Management Advisor.

The 82-page report explores elements, strategies, characteristics and objectives that are employed in successful programs.

"Building Blocks" can serve as a "primer" for wellness managers new to the field or for experienced managers as a reference that identifies the most practical steps to take in beginning a program.

The report was inspired by the findings of the workplace wellness return on investment (ROI) survey conducted by Wellness Program Management Advisor. Many of the wellness professionals who responded were "less than thrilled" with the adequacy, content and timeliness of the information currently available to them, said Robert K. Jenkins, publisher.

For example, one wellness manager who participated in the survey said "in recent years, it seems that my own experience and knowledge provide more insight into program management than most of the published material I read." The manager has been a member of the wellness community for 30 years and a program director for more than 15 years, Jenkins noted.

The report is divided into two sections:

  • Planning For a Successful Wellness Program; and
  • Management Tips to Help Your Program Succeed.

The compilation of expert advice, best ideas, proven methods, practical goals, and "how-to" tips, has been produced by the editorial staff of Wellness Program Management Advisor, the monthly news briefing for workplace wellness professionals.

Wellness managers who are starting from scratch, will get sound advice on everything from creating a mission statement, to devising goals for a program and building methods to measure the program's progress.

Topics include the seven objectives that must be achieved to create a worksite program that will attract participants, objectives that include gaining senior-level management support, collecting data and evaluating outcomes.

"Building Blocks For a Successful Workplace Wellness Program: Proven Planning and Management Strategies," provides the most common characteristics of successful programs including such assessment activities as health screenings and health risk appraisals. There also is information on providing appropriate program content and materials.

The report includes the strategic steps that will help make a health promotion program a success; dealing with the problems you will face in implementing your program; how to overcome objections; real-world methods that have led to wellness program success and how to help your participants set appropriate personal goals to achieve success.

"Building Blocks For a Successful Workplace Wellness Program: Proven Planning and Management Strategies," also contains how to design health promotion seminars that spark behavior change; the six-steps to effective training sessions; how motivating employees can boost wellness program participation; and sure-fire ways to make the most of a shoe-string budget.

Other features include how to secure support for your program from senior management, the essential components for an effective annual report, and the theory and design behind successful wellness programs.

"Building Blocks For a Successful Workplace Wellness Program: Proven Planning and Management Strategies," costs $79 plus shipping and may be ordered online at:

For mail or phone orders contact Wellness Program Management Advisor, 1913 Atlantic Ave., Suite F4, Manasquan, NJ 08736; (800) 516-4343, or toll-free fax, 1-888-329-6242

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