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Empowering Your Wellness Council for Program Success

MANASQUAN, N.J.,  June 10, 2009 — "Empowering Your Wellness Council for Program Success," a new 60-minute audio Webcast for workplace wellness and health promotion professionals has been scheduled Thursday, June 25 from 1:30-2:30 PM EDT.

The program presentation will be by Kathy Cash, a nationally recognized expert in the field of health promotion.

Click here for more information or to register

Whether called a wellness committee or council, members are seen as the "eyes and ears" of their co-workers, a survey of the profession found.

Workplace wellness committees are important elements of successful workplace health promotion programs, veteran wellness managers say.

While the majority of wellness programs include wellness councils as part of the program, some 25 percent of programs do not.

The new Webcast has been planned to serve the needs of managers with wellness councils to help them strengthen and enhance the impact and efforts of their group, and will also help managers who would like to start a wellness committee to identify best practices in recruiting, building, retaining and managing the work of their committee members.

Wellness councils can be great for many valuable aspects of managing a wellness program including generating new ideas and suggestions to help the wellness manager to “maintain focus;" providing feedback, input on programs, even take responsibility for motivating and engaging people, and spread the wellness philosophy through a strong communication plan.

This one-time only program is being sponsored by Wellness Program Management Advisor, Wellness Junction Professional Update and the Wellness Management Information Center.


Learning Objectives: Participants will understand how to turn their Wellness Council into the very “heart and soul” of an organization’s wellness program, including strategies to:

  • Recruit and retain the best members
  • Keep members motivated and enthusiastic
  • Use the Council members in strategic planning
  • Increase efficiency and effectiveness through Action Teams
  • Recruit and Nurture a strong Council chairperson
  • Increase management support through Council interface
  • Get results through auditable Council documentation
  • Live Question and Answer

Who Should Attend: Workplace wellness managers, wellness/health educators, health coordinators, human resources executives, risk managers, fitness center managers, health promotion directors, wellness coordinators, staff educators, employee assistance professionals, hospitals, managed care organizations, health insurers, major employers, government employers, colleges and universities, operations managers, plant managers, exercise specialists, cardiopulmonary rehabilitation coordinators, employee health services managers, employee health nurse managers, occupational health directors, health systems administrators, disability managers, corporate fitness managers, managed care executives, disease management professionals, nurse managers, employee relations administrators and consultants.

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