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Wellness Manager Professional Discussion Group Fosters Information Sharing

Inter-office weight loss challenges, fitness center membership incentives, wellness and disease management, health risk assessments, indicators of success, have all been among the information-sharing topics by members of the Wellness Manager Online Discussion Group.

Migraine and depression prevention, worksite weight management programs, wellness programming to reach those who need the services most, even employment opportunities have also been recent discussion subjects.

The Wellness Manager Discussion Group, founded in 2002, helps wellness managers share current health and wellness news, provide details on new developments, answer questions and discover what’s working elsewhere.

Today more than 1,025 wellness managers are members of the group. Not all are "active" posters, some are content to learn what others have to say.

Members represent all aspects of the wellness profession. The largest majority are from the corporate world including major employers, managed care organizations and health plans, pharmaceutical and technology companies.

There are numerous from non-profit organizations and associations, hospitals, government agencies, many members from colleges and universities, and, even members from Canada, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

The discussion group or "listserv" is an easy way to get feedback from your colleagues across the country, pick up a new idea, or share your insight.

The editorial staff of Wellness Program Management Advisor administers this group. There is no cost for participation.

The group is available through Yahoo Groups. Since our editors moderate the group, only members may post a question or comment and no inappropriate messages are ever distributed.

Results from our major study of wellness managers’ issues and concerns, during the ROI survey, found that there is an insufficient amount of professional information or body of knowledge available to managers.

Plus, our reader surveys reveal that most of all, wellness managers are keenly interested in what other programs are doing.

The goal of the discussion group is to help members learn what other wellness managers are doing, what works, what’s been proven, the innovative, the benchmarks and the best practices.

The listserv is open to all those who are professional wellness managers or are responsible for the administration of their organization’s wellness program.

Following is a link to sign up for membership in the Wellness Manager Discussion Group:

This link will take you directly to the group’s home page:

The Wellness Manager Discussion Group is sponsored by Wellness Program Management Advisor and by, which also produces the Wellness Junction Professional Update e-mail newsletter.

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