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Bonus As A Piece Of Wellness Managers’ Compensation

Some 33 percent of wellness professionals responding to the "Wellness Professionals Salary and Benefits Survey" received a bonus, according to the results.

The bonuses were awarded to the wellness professionals by their organizations on a range of criteria and in most cases were related to the individual’s goals and performance, wellness program outcomes and metrics and the organization’s goals and the profitability.

A factor among those who reported receiving bonuses may be where they were employed. For instance, 39.3 percent of survey participants are employed in the corporate sector where bonuses are more prevalent. Wellness professionals employed in other sectors that received bonuses included hospitals-health systems – 31.2 percent; government-military programs – 9.8 percent; university/school system – 7.1 percent; and associations – 3.6 percent.

Another factor could be the size of the organization. Almost 51 percent of the respondents who received bonuses served organizations with 1,000 or more employees while 24.1 percent of the respondents were working in organizations that ranged from 100 to 500 employees received bonuses.

The following are representative measures used in determining bonus awards, according to the survey results:

  • Personal performance and company performance;
  • Outcome measures;
  • Organizational performance;
  • Profit-sharing;
  • Goals and objectives that were met;
  • Outcomes and accomplishments;
  • Overall company goals;
  • Corporate results;
  • Performance metrics met;
  • Client surveys;
  • Performance reviews; and
  • Company growth and profitability.

Figures on bonuses for wellness professionals are not available for each successive year. But for comparison, in 2002 15.4 percent of respondents received a bonus, and in 2004 38.5 percent of respondents received a bonus.

The periodic "Wellness Professionals Salary and Benefits Survey" data was conducted online among wellness professionals and subscribers to Wellness Program Management Advisor, Wellness Junction Professional Update and members of the Wellness Manager Professional Discussion Group and reflects salary and benefit information for the 2007-2008 periods.

Source: Wellness Professionals Salary and Benefits Survey Analysis 2009, Wellness Program Management Advisor, Institute for Workplace Wellness and Health Promotion, Wellness Management Information Center. Copyright 2009

Editor’s Note: This confidential salary and benefits data of wellness professionals has been exclusively gathered and compiled by Wellness Program Management Advisor. This information is intended for the private use only of subscribers to Wellness Program Management Advisor. The data is the property of Wellness Management Information Center.

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