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Weight Control

Tips for Staying Motivated and Losing Weight

So, you’ve already made your New Year’s resolution to lose weight, as many people do. That was the easy part. Now, the difficult part is staying motivated and actually losing the weight.

Kristine Napier, Chief Nutritionist at Nutrio, explains there are four important strategies you should keep in mind when trying to stay motivated. “The first and most important strategy is not to wait for the proverbial tomorrow. Secondly, don’t look back at mistakes or transgressions. Finally, love yourself today, and enjoy every bite you eat.”

1. Get rid of the tomorrow excuse. Take action right now to get rid of the “I’ll start tomorrow” excuse that is holding you back. Remove the cookies and snacks from the cabinets; forget about getting rid of your last few favorite calories by finishing off whatever it is — throw it away; and don’t be afraid to begin — don’t wait for tomorrow because you’re afraid you’ll fail today.

2. Forgive yourself for not being perfect. You’re only human, which means you will enjoy a piece of birthday cake for snacks at a picnic. Forgive yourself and move on. Research indicates that people who forgive themselves for eating the unexpected food are more likely to get back on track without a major binge. Keep in mind that 300 or even 500 calories isn’t a binge and won’t make you gain weight.

3. Love yourself today. Don’t wait until you attain that certain weight or fit into that certain size of clothing before you start liking yourself. Analyze and take pride in your positive qualities — they will help you stay motivated to reach your healthy weight goal.

4. Enjoy every bite. The quickest way to lose your dieting motivation is to eat food you don’t like. Stay away from the foods you don’t like and become a student of gourmet healthy cooking — find a good cookbook or a great class. Love every bite you eat and you will stay motivated to eat much less.

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