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Workplace Wellness Manager: A Growing Profession Despite the challenges, hurdles, issues and tight budgets, the wellness manager profession is a great career path to be in and one with a promising future, many survey participants agreed.

"With the support of the wellness manager’s senior management, these professionals should become more valuable to companies," noted Jan Renner, a hospital supervisor of community education and wellness.

Dr. Bonnie S. Hillsberg, a consulting firm project director, serving government agencies, agrees saying it’s "a growing profession because the current healthcare system is broken."

There are "unique opportunities for growth in the current economic climate because of the costs associated with aging and chronic disease" observed a hospital manager of ProHealth Wellness Services.

There will be "more opportunities to expand programs," said a wellness program coordinator with a hospital. Likewise, Maggie Wallum, a corporate human resources/wellness assistant, also sees "more opportunities."

"I see the wellness manager profession growing and becoming a more integral part of the corporate world," said Jerilyn Jefferis, a corporate wellness specialist. "Its benefits are so far reaching."

A proposal manager for a wellness services company believes there is "lots of room for growth; lots of potential to have a real positive impact on the lives of covered employees." The manager predicts "responsibilities should grow; credibility should increase; accountability will be more."

"More work (it’s a good thing)!," quipped a hospital community wellness assistant.
Areas where wellness managers need to devote attention include "better stats to convince management of the value of working with employees’
healthy balance," urged a nurse care manager with a manufacturing company.

"Hopefully there will be a greater emphasis on planning, implementing and evaluating wellness programs based on what impacts they have on employees as well as the ROI they generate for employers," said Scott MacStravic, customer success manager with a wellness services company.

A wellness services director at a hospital also foresees an "increased demand for impact."

The role of wellness manager will take on "increased importance in our workplace and increased pressures to respond to employee needs and demands," offered Marj McKinty, development director in a family medicine residency/clinic-related healthcare services program.

"I believe that consumer-driven healthcare could be a possibility or something like it," according to Margarita Chapman, executive director of Creating Healthy Lives, Ridgecrest, Calif. "Prevention and intervention is the key — you just have to make it engaging and fun for all."

A corporate human resources director said that as "wellness programs catch on more, the possibilities will continue to be good, but getting to that point, may be a concern for many."

A senior vice president with a health plan advices that wellness managers "need to be able to motivate and engage people to change behavior."

Finally, "it is dependent on establishing facts that can help support wellness in the workplace," said Kathy Pender, a manager of corporate relations. "CEOs need to see the WHY behind these. It is not enough to do feel good programs; healthcare costs continue to rise. Can we impact these costs?"

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